Moslems just dont get it.

Lets be honest, Islam is bigoted, racist, misogynist, pedophilic, Christianophobic, antisemitic, antienglish, antidemocratic, homophobic, opressive, totalitarian, warlike and a danger to world peace and women everywhere.

This country has had no problem with immigrants for 2000 years, we’ve welcomed them all, from Vikings to the Jamaicans. All have integrated and lived her peacefully as part of our society for centuries

We only started to get problems when moslems started turning up in there millions. Demanding special treatment, Demanding WE change to suit THEM. Ignoring our laws, our customs our traditions and our culture. Demanding Sharia, demanding Halal, demanding mosques, demanding moslems only schools, demanding moslems only areas, demanding, demanding and demanding, and threatening us with violence, if we dont obey.

Its not just us. Moslems are currently involved in more than FIFTY wars currently going on in the world, killing each other, and killing non-believers. In every country where they are a minority, they demand (as outlined above), threaten, and hold host countries culture and laws in contempt. Every country moslems are a majority, they brutally oppress minorities, murdering, butchering, and treating non believers with the sort of animal savagery you only get from populations stuck in the 13th century for 800 years. Moslems treat white girls like shite, molesting, raping and interfering with even under age girls.

Pakistanis in particular have a predilection for fucking 12 year old girls, especially if the girl is there cousin. At the same time, the hypocrisy of Pakistanis is apparant when Google released statistics from analysing terabytes of data on searches, and you find the commonest search terms used on Google in pakistan is “teen anal sex”, “man fucking man”, and “shemale sex”, and came in second only to Kenya for searches for “gay sex pics”.

You see the connection here dont you, everywhere you get moslems, you get conflict, strife, and discontent – and threats and violence against non-moslems. Moslems are the common factor in all this. What does that tell you about moslems and the rest of the world?


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