Corbyn: win/win

Contrary to my usual position, which was to be a member of no political party, i joined Labour. But then I also joined the tories, in order to maintain balance and harmony in the universe. Im not joining UKIP, because my views are so inflammatory sometimes they would be used against UKIP, but thats who I vote for.

However, the reason I joined Labour, is to vote for Jeremy Corbin. As I see its a win/win whether he wins or loses. I stopped voting for Labour the day Neil Kinnock fell over on Brighton Beach. That was the day Real Labour died, and the lying, duplicitous faggot friendly pro immigrant metrosexual New Labour took over, and started stabbing the English working class in the back, giving us a 20 year long dose of strap on.


When I as young I read voraciously, I could read a 100k word novel in six hours. I wolfed down everything, from E M Forster to Churchill, from Aldous Huxley to MIlton. But one of the writers who most deeply impress me was George Orwell. I read everything he wrote, all his books, letters, essays, journalism. Everything. He deeply impressed me, And the Labour Party resembled George Orwell. They were the party of the english working class, defending the working man, and standing up for this glorious nation.

It lasted until Blair came along. At that point Labour turned its back on england and the english, and decided to become copycat Tories, sucking up to immigrants, moslems, Banks, the EU and anyone else who was either rich or corruptible.

Ever since 1993, the English working class continued to vote for New Labour, under the delusion Labour still stood for the honest, white working man with two kids.. It took them 20 years to realise Labour had abandoned them, given their jobs to immigrants, and had become all millionaires, whilst telling the voters how bad capitalism was (Russel Brand is the ultimate New Labour champagne socialist fuckwit in this respect). And then the Labour voters deserted, and voted Lib Dem, UKIP, SNP. or just didnt bother voting.

So The reason Labour is shitting bricks that Corbyn will get into power is because he will get rid of New Labour. And the Champagne Socialist dream, the Europhile dream of a EU Superstate, will vanish. Instead, Corbyn will resurrect real, proper old Orwellian Labour. And the voters might come flooding back, because Corbyn may well take a UKIP like position, and start ACTUALLY representing the English working class again.

SO its worth joining Labour to vote for Corbyn. Either he wont get in, and one of the dreary metrosexual dimwit like Kendall will win, keeping Labour out of power foir another 10 years, or Corbyn will win, he will wind Labour back to Orwells Labour, in which case they might be worth voting for, especially if they develop an accord with UKIP, the only party that DOES represent the English.

SO, win/win either way.

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