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There is a famous story about Pauline Kael, a journalist at the uber-liberal New York Times in the 1970s. When Republican Richard Nixon won a 48 state grand slam victory in 1972, she bitterly remarked that she couldn’t understand how this had happened, since she didn’t know anyone who had voted for Nixon. The fact is she almost certainly didn’t know anyone, as her social circle was only composed of other leftists.

The disbelief that has gripped the British left following the Tory general election victory has the Pauline Kael flavour to it. The British left are a closed minded lot. They only speak to each other, and they only read and watch stuff made by other leftists. As a result, they massively overestimate the extent to which their ideas are the mainstream. Their hysterical disbelief stems from their view the Tories were so obviously evil.

The left believe some asinine things. One narrative amongst the left is that changes to benefits are part of a strategy to encourage poor people to kill themselves. There are any number of hysterical claims from left wing sources that everything from ATOS to the bedroom tax are part of a human cull. This is of course, ludicrous, and simply what any centre-right administration would do when spending costs have to be kept down. But not to the British left, who truly believe that the Tory-Lib Dem coalition was practising latter day eugenics. Worse still, Jack Monroe, a Labour Party supporting journalist, tweeted her belief that David Cameron wasn’t really upset when his son died, but was instead feigning sorrow in order to win an election so he could then privatise the NHS. Even Labour loyalist Dan Hodges could not contain his disgust at this tone of campaigning. Hodges conceded that whilst he disliked UKIP strongly, he seemed to dislike this tone of campaigning from the left just as much.

Politically correct left wing fascist bullies

To the left, the Tories were actively trying to encourage the poor to commit suicide when benefits were cut, and were secretly pleased when their own children died because it would really help them in the opinion polls. So imagine how they will react when such people are voted in with an absolute majority by the British people. They think the British people are evil, and their desecration of a war monument was a symbolic attack on the British nation. These monuments connect us as a people, and hold up the memory of people who sacrificed for that nation’s survival. The left think Britain is worthless.

Why is this relevant to UKIP? It is relevant because the same far-left hate UKIP as much as they hate the Tories. Breitbart News obtained a leaked “Anti-Tory Manifesto” which outlines steps the left wish to take. This ranges from running campaigns at work to get Tory supporting colleagues sacked, to marking out Tories so they can be physically attacked. The left have shown a similarly vindictive streak towards UKIP members, so it pays to know what they are prepared to do to people they perceive as enemies.

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QED, point in question.

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