Syrian sob story

I dont buy it. I dont buy the blatant emotional blackmail the media is engaging in, peddling these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT sob stories.

These people are not ‘refugees’. The might have fled war in Syria, but then have passed thru several safe countries , including Turkey to get to the south shore of the Mediterranean. They reached safety, thats the object of being a ‘refugee’.

The perilous, dangerous trip in a flimsy boat, to attempt an illegal entry into the EU, totally ignoring all immigration laws, was not necessary. Their lives were not at risk when they stood on the south shore of the Mediterranean. Therefore every adult that took his child across , and failed, and died , is guilty of culpable homicide or manslaughter. Including the father of the kid above.

Even then they dont stop, despite E$U rules saying them must register at the first EU country the arrive at. They travel across three or four more safe countries, before arriving at the channel tunnel.

These people are not ‘refugees’. They are illegal immigrants, and economic migrants. And we must repel their attempted invasion of our country.

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