Germany puts army on standby after its ‘generous’ approach to migrants backfires

Nigel Farage has been warning about the dangers of EU Immigration, Non EU Migration and the consequence of handing over much of our sovereignty to the EU, … for years, and he and his UKIP colleagues have been vilified, smeared and lied about by MSM, although they have been voicing the genuine and sensible concerns of millions and millions of the British people. He has been attacked verbally and physically during this time, but has continued to try and inform Britain what is really happening in relation to our membership of the EU and other events that affect Europe and especially our own country Great Britain.

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BBC TV and Radio, ITV, Sky and Channel 4 News organisations as well as some Newspapers, have continued to report the recent events in Calais and the Med from a Consistently Pro Migrant Bias, and very rarely discuss the possible consequences of the situation for travellers, lorry drivers, European populations affected and Britain itself, of allowing thousands of Illegal Migrants into Europe, many without papers or checks. Yes, there are many genuine Asylum Seekers, but probably many more Economic Migrants, plus some Criminals and Terrorists, in the numbers being recently being experienced. Most are also of a culture that will find it very difficult to fit into Europe, especially the Northern countries. There are possibly millions more to come from the Middle East, and the poor areas of Africa , let alone the Indian Sub Continent. They can’t all come to Europe and they simply, must be stopped and helped in their own countries or somewhere nearby.

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Farage is a ‘Genuine Patriot’ who is trying his best to save Britain. The only way to do that is to leave the EU, Reclaim Our Sovereignty, The Rule Of Our Own Law and Strongly Secure Our Borders! His appearances on TV and Radio during the last couple of weeks, have been a breath of fresh air to the discussion, which is largely Pro Migrant Propaganda, pumped out by the BBC. SKY C4 News etc, and his words should be heeded!


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