Prisons dont work, and they are a waste of money!

Heres a simple fact: 26% of prisononers reoffend, at an average of 3.1 offences per prisoner.. At any one point:

In 2013…

there were 514,000 adult and juvenile offenders, 136,000 of these offenders committed a proven re-offence within a year.

It costs £65,000 to imprison a person in this country once police, court costs and all the other steps are taken into account. After that it costs a further £40,000 for each year they spend incarcerated. And it provably doesnt work 26% of the time – at the stated reoffending rate, thats about  £2,500,000,000 wasted. For that sort of money, you could hire a team of people for every offender to follow them around 24/7/365 to make sure they dont break the law.

The moment you lock somone in prison, you create a bigger problem, most times, than you solve. Many people jailed are dragged out of jobs where they are paying tax. You then create a family that have to then rely on benefits. Prison has a dire, pathetic record on rehabilitation. Most prisoners get nothing of benefit from being inside, plus on top of that you have made them virtually unemployable, by virtue of jailing them. No wonder so many revert back to criminality.

In Sweden, they dont jail anyone if they have a job and/or a stable home life. They tag them, let them carry on working, and jail them at the weekends. Swedens reoffending rate is ridiculously low, and the jail population is about 8000. And the expenditure on Prison and Punishment is peanuts.

Englands Prison service is totally unfit for purpose. Its a one-size-fits-all approach, invented in the 18th century, and its failure to recognise there are multiple different reasons a person ends up in jail, and all need to be treated differently,, causes many more problems .

The system is brutal. It lacks common sense, a blind unbending set of rules. This slavish, lack of flexibility results in frequent petty injustices being inflicted on men alrady helpless and not in control of thier lives, and this alone causes people to reach breaking point. and riot or wreck cells. You get pointless withholding of personal property, pointless, random punishments, and the random application of rules, with no consistency.

There is also a dishonest, rogue element within Prison Staff. Its been estimated bt Prison Reform Trust that EVERY Prison has 3-5  dishonest officers. Theft of prisoners property by Prison Reception Staff is not unknown, and is rife in some prisons. It is dishonest staff that smuggle drugs in. And while we are on the subject, don’t believe the claim that drugs are the cause of all the problems, they are a minor, incidental contribution. This myth is being propagated by the Establishment controlled media to deflect from the real causes.

Now dont get me wrong, a fair chunk of the scroats inside prisons are there  because they choose to be criminal, but they arent a majority by any means. A fair number are there unintentionally. And a smaller number are victim to the Historic Abuse Witch hunt, which was stoked up by the Saville and Rotherham scandals.

The shortage of Prison Officers is another cause. When you cut 7,500 staff, like the Tory Government has, you end up with men locked in thier cells for 3 days, unable to phone there loved ones, and with no contact with anyone except thier cell mate, and thus no wonder they come out thier cells ready for a fight, ready to riot. The Governmen’s offer of 2500 extra officers is NOT sufficient. The Prison population has gone up from 90,000 to 115,000, it needs 12,000 officers extra to get back to sanity.  And the only people who suffer, who get the raw deal out of this, are the prisoners. The staff get rich on overtime.

Probation Service is another abortion that need as bomb under it, suffering from not enough staff,. lack of the faintest idea about what its supposed to be achieving and how to achieve it,  and too many looney lefties in positions of power. Probation are supposed to join in rehabilitating offenders, and integrating them back into society. Instead , they are ready to send a prisoner out on licence back to prison for the slightest reason, simply because it reduces thier workload and makes the prisoner somone else problem.

Further to this, you then have the problem of Prisons and the prison system doing what they are supposed to do, and doing things they are NOT mandated to do. The function of a prison is to enact a custodial sentance. There is nowhere in law where it also says they are they, for example, to wreck the prisoners health.  In a Cat B prison, you are more likely to die at the hand of  another prisoner than on the outside. If you have a heart attack in your cell at 2 AM, in the majority of prisons of Cat B, you will die, even if its survivable, because thats how long it can take before an ambulance or paramedic would be able to get to you.

The Healthcare in Prisons varies enormously, but the problems of the NHS are magnified ten fold inside. It can take weeks to get to see a Doctor, and months to see a dentist. Small infections are dangerous, because in many prisons you have no access to simple First Aid items like sticking plasters and antiseptic cream.  These infections can escalate into major problems by the time you get to see the Doctor. Toothache? forget it, you are going to have to suffer it for days or weeks before anything is done.  Bleach isnt used to clean toilets, showers and other places, making it a breeding ground for germs.

Even the sleeping arrangments are a danger to your long term Health. Cat B prisons have metal bunks, and two inches of foam as a mattress. If you are used to sleeping in a normal bed, this can  give you horrendous muscular-skeletal problems. Getting a better, less injurious, more comfortable mattress means you persuading a doctor to authorise it, not easy unless you have a medical history of back or hip problems.  Even something like getting yourself whieghed can be a long drawn out process – think, say 3 hours round trip.

Then you get the lack of sunlight, that causes lack of vitmins in your body. One hour allowed outsid ea day is not adequate to generate the photochemical reactions in sufficiewnt quantities that you would normally experience, to create adequate vitamins. You go a ghastly pale white, like  a ghost.

Most people released from prison are in a far worse physical health than when they arrive. This is not the mandate of the Prison Service.




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