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Better Off Out ‏@BetterOffOut
@ichrisandrews @yogs1961 Indeed Peter Kellner, head of YouGov, is married to Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative. Vested interest?

Teh Mite ‏@Teh_Mite
@BBCPropaganda why relocate yourself when its your “human right” to force your beliefs on your current neighbours. #leftwingmentality

Alison Parr ‏@Uptotherewithit
9 of 10 jobs created last year went to foreign nationals.(Official figures) People warning of this were called bigots. They were prophets.

Pat Condell ‏@patcondell
BBC News won’t call an Islamist nutcase an extremist as it might be “a value judgment”, but will happily slander his critics as “far right”.

Tabitha Browne ‏@TabithaBrowne
Conservative Party is the primary instrument of the European Union in Britain. The Party founded Common Purpose in 1970.

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