Twitter morons:

Twitter attracts some real looneys. hers a series of abusive tweets i recived after a perfectly enjoyable conversation with another user about socialism, labour and national socialism


  1. @RichardLionhea Oh and go tell your Momma! Fucktard < @NaziGods one for teh cooking pot Lads methinks! #Lulz #Retard

  2. @RichardLionhea Am just gonna sit on your t/l and have some#Lulz Go chew someone elses cock! UKIP IKIP We All Fucking KIP! Idiot!

  3. @RichardLionhea Tut Tut,I am a grand parent so dont ever patronize me,zero fucks given,and dont care about your fear or not, #Abortedatbirth

  4. @RichardLionhea Oh and copied your entireT/L for publishing and research purposes,Muppet pussy Faggot, expect us, fucking retard! #Anonymous

  5. @RichardLionhea < Dick The Pu55y! #Anonymous #Trollalert @moronwatch 100% pure english bigot PRICK! Release the Hounds Jeeves!

  6. @RichardLionhea Islam and EU? next you’ll tell us your EDL and not racist ya fuckin english poofter,get a fucking life arsehole! GTFO!

  7. @RichardLionhea Are you fucking retarded? Socialism=Nazi?? go back to licking windows and keep yer english bigotry and hatred to yourself!

    The funny thing is that after calling me a faggot  he then posts this:
  8. @stephenfry This Mans a genius! Plz read and laugh! … Thank You!

    Obviously hasnt occurred to him that Stephen Fry is also, as he so succinctly puts it, a ‘faggot’

     I also love the way he pretends hes part of Anonymous. As i so happens i know a bit about that subject, and i g’tee anyone who claims to be part of them absolutely isnt.  I also know they get pissed off about people who claim to be when they arent.

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