Scientists are more often wrong than right

So “99% of scientists agree Global warming is caused by Humans”

Well heres a list of things which at one stage “99% of scientists” swore blind was the real thing

Age of the Earth: Geologists believe the earth is billions of years old because astronomers say it is billions of years old, AND Astronomers believe the earth is billions of years old because geologists it is billions of years old.

Circular Reasoning: The age of fossils can be determined by the geological strata in which they are found. The age of strata can be determined because of various dating methods (radiometric and other). The accuracy of dating methods can be confirmed by the index fossils, and by the strata which are being dated. The dates of strata are determined by index fossils.

Canals on Mars
Intelligent life on Mars, or Venus, or the Moon.
Hollow Earth

Piltdown Man – accepted as fact, but turned out to be a fraud, and so the Cardiff Giant.
Bloodletting as a standard medical procedure and cure for just about any and every medical affliction
The Cardinal Humours or the four principle bodily fluids (blood, phlegm, bile, and choler) once thought to determine, by their relative proportions, a person’s characteristic disposition and temperament. This was taken as established science in ancient and medieval times, up to the 1600’s, at least!
Terminal Velocity of Trains: Humans could not or move in excess of sixty miles per hour because the air would be moving past too fast to breathe
The speed of light is a constant and invariable absolute.

Phrenology: an accepted theory of science that a person’s character traits or personality, and mental capabilities can be read by feeling the bumps or configurations of the skull.

Aristotle’s laws of “Dynamic Motion”

Widely accepted science of “Spontaneous Generation” of life – effectively discounted by Pasteur

Newton’s “Corpuscular Theory of Light”

The classical “Elementary Theory” – that all substance is made of earth, air, fire, and/or water

Lamarckian Evolution – that creatures evolve through successive generations due to environmental influences and forces acting externally upon those creatures.

Phlogiston – a supposed element believed to be the reason some things burn and some do not.

Miasmatic Theory of Disease – that all diseases can be attributed to bad air.

Geocentric Universe – that the sun and the stars and the planets and moons all orbit the Earth, which is at the center of the universe.

Alchemy – the basic goal was the thinking that gold could be manufactured by various processes out of an assortment of other minerals

The Speed of Sound cannot be broken by any physical object

Maternal Impression – that a mother’s thoughts are the cause of almost all birth defects

Emission Theory of Vision
Luminiferous Aether
Ether Theory

Numerous goofy ideas of atomic physics
Exclusive Behavioralism
Blank Slate Theory of Socialization
the planet that never was
The Expanding Earth Theory
Einstiens Static Universe
Steady State Theory
Cold Fusion

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