I said on another page i love japan. A nation of startling contrasts and incredible doublethink.

Japanese TV is awesome. Theres many things on there you would never be able to broadcast here, because either Elf’n’Safety, the TV insurance company, Child protection, or the RSPCA would stop you.

Theres several ads that are mind blowing.

Take the Giga Pudding advert:

PUDDI PUDDI (original video) – YouTube

Its mind numbing. Theres even a version of this with 300 copies tacked end to end, thats TEN hours of Puddi Puddi.

Then there’s Nyancat. Nyan is the japanese equivalent of Pop Tarts -remember them? Like toast, you put them in a toaster and the jam inside became lethally hot, eating it without letting it cool down for 12 hours gave you third degree burns. SO its promoted by a cartoon cat called Nyancat. This has to be the cheapest advert ever made, the same 3 second loop of cartoon for 3 minutes. Its epically annoying. Theres even a 24 hour long version of this. Thgis video has had 33 million views :O

Nyan Cat [original] – YouTube

Finally, there POCKY. Pocky is a chocolate covered biscuit stick they had started to sell in the UK under the name of Mikado. Pocky is a cult in Japan. Like the Eric and Ernie show, or the Simpsons, celebrities queue up to be in one. This is Morning Musume, one of the biggest girl bands in Japan’s version of a Pocky commercial.

Morning Musume – Pocky Commercial – YouTube

I also love Japanese fashion, especially the styles known as @Elegant Gothic Lolita’ and ‘Ganguro’

Elegant Gothic Lolita is a mix of Victorian elegance, Goth, and Anime:

Ganguro is basically an exaggerated parody of the sort of Pam Anderson Californian Beach Babe look:

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