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America, Today

The Steubenville rape case sparked a national conversation about victim-blaming and rape culture.

But the victim only got justice because Anonymous leaked significant social media evidence implicating the assailants — and for distributing those tweets, photos, and video, 26-year-old Deric Lostutter faces more prison time than the rapists got themselves.

Lostutter faces up to ten years behind bars if he’s convicted of hacking-relating crimes. Now he’s gearing up for a costly legal battle — and as he calls for donations, we call on you to give him the nationwide support he needs to win his trial.

The Ohio U.S. Attorney’s office and the DOJ are sending a dangerous message to men who stand up : Don’t get involved, or else. Let them know we still stand with Deric: Sign your support for his actions and oppose sending him to prison, now!

The Police

Ever since some inquest judge stood up twenty years ago and told the police they were institutionally racist, ive had an issue with that pronouncement.

First of all, ‘racist’ is bollox. ‘Racist is a word used by the looney left to shout down anyone who doesnt slavishly agree with there views.

The point he missed was that the police were actually Institutionally Corrupt at the top and Institutionally Incompetent at the bottom, not Institutionally  Racist.  Unfortunately its not clicked with most people yet.

If you watch the newspapers, there’s a couple of column inches every day somewhere about some corrupt copper taking money, abusing his position, doing something rotten. And then at the top we have a bunch of careers coppers, who dont actually give a shit about ordinary people, they just regard them as the grist to there career mill, the object being not Public Service but Career promotion.

Ill expand this subject further when we get to the subjects of Speeding, the ACPO and Political Correctness. I have much to divulge about the failings of the Police.