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Half of squatters brought to justice by Scotland Yard are Romanians

Romanians make up nearly half of all those caught breaking new anti-squatting laws in the capital, official police figures show.

A total of 92 people, 41 of them from Romania, have been prosecuted or cautioned for illegally occupying residential buildings in London in the past six months.

The Metropolitan Police has also brought 16 Poles, 13 Britons, six Spaniards and two Nepalese to justice for the offence since the new legislation came into force in September, the Evening Standard reported.

Previously squatting was not a criminal offence in England and Wales, meaning it was up to the property’s owners to use the civil courts to enforce their rights, which could lead to drawn-out and costly legal battles.

The law was changed in response to concerns that squatters were protected by too many powers, leaving some householders feeling powerless to remove them.

By Sam Marsden

The squatting recorded by Scotland Yard was distributed evenly around London, with the highest number of offences in Barking and Dagenham on eight, followed by Barnet and Ealing on six, and Westminster and Croydon on five.

Coppers Retiring Early!!

Bobbies are such retiring chaps

What a priceless puffball we have in Paul McKeever, head of that grievance front the Police Federation. At its conference this week he sashayed up and down the stage, giving a sub-Steve Jobs motivational speech. Outraged by everything he was, jaw out, jowls a-wobble. The Fed’s members, crosspatch sausage-roll munchers in the main, groaned when Home Secretary Theresa May mentioned new fitness checks for police officers.

Few of the Fed’s laments — about ‘falling morale’, ‘bullying’ by ministers, etc — are novel.

In 2002, the Fed’s Bob Elder told The Morning Star that ‘officers will leave’.
In 2004, the Fed’s Irwin Montgomery told The Sun that ‘officers will leave.’
In 2007, Mr McKeever’s predecessor Jan Berry (a right little ray of sunshine, she) told The Times: ‘Officers are considering leaving.’
Now in 2012 Mr McKeever tells Constabulary magazine: ‘Officers are actively looking to leave.’

Coppers retiring early? Never

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Crime Pays

Police officers paid £150m in bonuses for doing their job

More than £150million is paid to police officers every year for what Paul McKeever, the chairman of the Police Federation, describes as “doing your duty.”

Five officers at Northumbria Police, the force which conducted the hunt for the gunman Raoul Moat, shared performance-related bonuses last year of £115,500.

In Durham, one chief picked up an £18,700 bonus in 2009-10. In South Wales another received £14,300, and in South Yorkshire four senior officers shared £69,000.

Half of the country’s 144,000 officers received an average of £2,200 each in payments last year, totalling an estimated £145 million.

Of course Nu Labour has helped them in others ways, making it possible to continually arrest someone with a plethora of new crimes.

Thanks to New Labour, it is now illegal to swim in the wreck of the Titanic or to sell game birds killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day – eventualities overlooked by previous governments.

New Labour made 4,289 activities illegal during it spate of power, at a rate of about one a day – twice the speed with which the previous Conservative government created crimes.

Gordon Brown was the worst offender, with his government inventing 33 new crimes a month. Tony Blair’s administration made 27 new offences each month.

Some of the more inventive crimes dreamt up by New Labour include “disturbing a pack of eggs when directed not to by an authorised officer” and reporting the door of a merchant ship to be closed and locked when it isn’t.

New Labour also introduced laws against activities which would already have been covered by previous legislation – such as “causing a nuclear explosion.”

Ones days lunacy

Headlines in just one days news:

Former police chief Ali Dizaei, who is facing trial for corruption, has been suspended from his post – just a day after he was reinstated as a commander at Scotland Yard following an appeal against his dismissal. The Police Appeals Tribunal ruled yesterday that he should get his job back. but today, the Metropolitan Police Authority reached a unanimous decision to suspend him.

Failed asylum seeker strangled and drowned bakery worker who refused to marry him so he could stay in the UK

Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver in ritual killing to ‘exorcise evil spirits’

‘We’re throwing open the doors to benefit tourists’: EU plan to let migrants claim as soon as they enter UK is blasted

Embarrassing moment playboy son of a African dictator has £5million in supercars seized from outside his home.
Black african leader laundering drugs money.
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A judge today blasted EU laws which will allow a Romanian con man who came to Britain solely to carry out a cash machine scam to stay in the country after being released from jail.Judge Graham Cottle was told Ion Matei is free to return to the UK after he is released from prison -despite being a convicted criminal

And why are we being inflicted with the evildoing of foriegners?

Because the Eu says we have to put up with it.

Is there any politicain in the UK who has the balls to stand up and lead the rebellion against the Eu and the Uk Europhiles ?

A Fresh Idiot.

From the Daily Mail:

A police leader who has applied to become Scotland Yard’s next Commissioner has been accused of inventing his own uniform. Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, has appeared regularly on television screens in his full regalia talking about the recent rioting and challenging David Cameron on his plans to tackle problem gangs in Britain.

But now it can be revealed that Sir Hugh, who stepped down as Chief Constable of Northern Ireland two years ago, is wearing a dark blue uniform specially made for him by the Metropolitan Police’s in-house tailors. Bizarrely, the 53-year-old has designed his own cap, too – with a plastic ACPO badge stuck on the front in place of the traditional crest of an individual police force because he does not belong to one. Sir Hugh has also been sporting a label saying ‘ACPO President Hugh Orde’ clipped to the top left pocket of his white police shirt during TV appearances. A source said that the intro¬duction of the ACPO badge and the shirt name label was Sir Hugh’s own idea.

Senior police officers have told The Mail on Sunday that the uniform Sir Hugh wears does not actually belong to any police force in the country, although it closely resembles that of former Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, who resigned in the wake of the phone-hacking affair. Nor is it a uniform issued by ACPO, which is a private company funded with £10 million of taxpayers’ money.Normally, presidents of the association wear the uniform of the force to which they belong or have recently left in order to join the policing body.

Hugh Orde - a pointless idiot.

Brian Paddick, a former Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, said he found it ‘odd’ that Sir Hugh had been seen so regularly in uniform over the past fortnight at Press conferences and after meetings of COBRA, the Government’s emergency committee. He said: ‘He is sending a clear signal: How would I look in the Met Commissioner’s uniform?’

A police source, who asked not to be named, said: ‘The sight of Sir Hugh on TV wearing the made-up uniform has bewildered and puzzled other senior officers. ‘This uniform does not belong to any police force. It has no constitutional or legal basis, especially the hat he wears. Instead of the traditional crest, he’s put an ACPO badge on it. It looks made-up, like a traffic warden’s uniform. ‘If anything, Hugh should be wearing the uniform of the Police Service of Northern Ireland because that’s where he served.